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I’m working on launching my first course that will help you get unstuck, be more present and become a more positive person.

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The Story.

I’ve been thinking about creating a course for years now, and back in May I actually started working on it. However, as I a lot of other projects in the works I didn’t get to finish it.

Now, I made time, and I feel that it’s time. 

In today’s chaotic world with pandemic here and war there, everybody can use a positive attitude and a little perspective. This is exactly what I’ll offer.

Hello, I'm Daniel.
I've always been a very positive and optimistic person and in the last couple of years I realized what a superpower this actually is. Now I'm building around this and trying to help others have the same optimism I have.

Daniel Marthi

My Website is Under Construction.

You are seeing this page right now as I’m working on a new and improved website that will align with my vision. 

Right now the best way to connect with me is to follow me on Twitter and Medium.