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My name is Daniel and I just embarked on a Journey to a happier, more fulfilling life. I started to study and experience the wonderful way how our thoughts create our own physical reality.

Join Me on my journey and let me help you leave your past behind, and become a better version of yourself 🙂

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Life Design Basics: How To Be Happier

how to be happier

We all know that feeling of contentment and joy. Life is going great, everything's fine, and we can't help but smile. Happiness is the most enjoyable part of living. And without a doubt, the most sought-after mental state by every human on this planet. The Pursuit of Happiness Naturally, we all want to be happy, and most of us...

Life Design Basics: How to Deal with Anxiety

Life Design Basics: How to Deal with Anxiety

Y​our head is racing with distressing thoughts, you're irritated and can't concentrate, your muscles are tensing up, and you're feeling on edge. In short, your mind is going places where it shouldn't. We've all been there. Stress is a part of life almost all of us are familiar with. From jobs to relationships to every other aspect of living,...


Lasting change can only be achieved by changing our way of thinking.

Join me and let me guide you through this process! 

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